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Jokey has been producing plastic containers for the filling industry for more than 40 years. Our customer focus, strength in innovation and dynamic growth have enabled us to become what we are today one of the worlds top manufacturers. Whether youre after round, oval or rectangular containers come to Jokey for containers in a wide range of sizes, shapes and features. Jokey containers combine a modern design and attractive décor with practical handling to optimize the use of resources. Our containers are used day-in, day-out at around 6,000 packaging plants as a tried-and-tested means of packaging and transport.


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    • JCT - Jokey Coating Tainer
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    • Jokey Individual
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    • Boxes and Trays
      • Jokey-Euro-Tainer-Box (JETB)
      • Jokey-Euro-Tainer-Tray (JETS)
    • Round Buckets
      • Jokey-Euro-Tainer (JET)
      • Jokey-Coating-Tainer (JCT)
      • Jokey-Slim-Line (JSL)
      • Jokey-Heavy-Line (JHL)
    • Oval Buckets
      • Jokey-Euro-Tainer-Oval (JETO)
    • Rectangular Buckets
      • Jokey-Euro-Tainer-Rectangular (JETR)
      • Jokey-Euro-Tainer-Square (JETQ)
    • UN Buckets
      • Jokey-UN
    • Specials
      • Jokey-Barrier-Tainer (JBT)
      • Jokey-Gallon (JG)
      • Jokey-Feed-Tainer (JFT)
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